The Grove's Visual Planning Systems™ (VPS) were developed during 30 years of award-winning work to help people achieve results from planning processes. These adaptable toolsets include:

• Orientation & Customization Tools
• Meeting Tools (including our Graphic Guides® & Leader’s Guides)
• Communication & Follow-Up Tools

Visual Planning Systems are currently available for strategic visioning, personal development and life planning, and, through our partner, customer research. Watch for new application-specific Visual Planning Systems in the coming months.
Strategic Visioning VPS
Articulating a vision and creating strategies and action plans to support the vision are critical for any organization's success. The Grove's flagship Visual Planning System, Strategic Visioning, is a visual, template-based methodology for engaging a team of any size in breakthrough strategic thinking.
The Personal Compass VPS
Our popular workbook, The Personal Compass, is a unique Visual Planning System designed for personal-development planning. Based on numerous requests, The Grove adapted its organizational tools to create this personal-planning tool for individuals. It helps you visualize possibilities and make actionable plans for your future, whether you are seeking a new path, making a transition, or coming to the end of a life phase.
The Career Compass VPS
In this second addition to our Compass line of personal workbooks, we've applied our visual methodology to the career-counseling process. The Career Compass is a personal-development toolset for setting direction in your career. Whether you are just entering the job market or making a transition, it helps you review your past and present, map your career options, narrow your choices and plan for a fulfilling future.
LearningConnect® System
Developed by our partners, Ah Ha!™, LearningConnect is a revolutionary approach to learning and qualitative research. This approach was inspired by The Grove's Group Graphics® methods and experience that offers facilitation tools to tap the collective knowledge and wisdom of a group. LearningConnect is specifically tailored as a more effective method for conducting consumer research than traditional focus groups.
Team Start-Up VPS
To reach high performance teams depend on trustworthy leadership and clear goals, both of which get established when a team is formed and begins its work. This VPS provides guidance through a series of meetings that help participants get to know each other and their leader, and articulate a clear action plan. It centers around the popular Graphic Gameplan, probably the most widely used of all The Grove’s Graphic Guide products. The VPS, includes a guidebook, Agenda Planning Cards, Graphic Guides, and links to the Drexler/Sibbet/Forrester Team Performance™ System.
Organizational Transition VPS
Change is constant in contemporary organizations, and new managers need transition support. New IT systems require buy-in and behavior change. New products and markets require shifts in working style and communications. Mergers and acquisitions often involve a sea change. This VPS provides leaders with support for telling the organizational story, surveying the current environment, sharing their visions and preferred working styles, and articulating transition action plans. This VPS is guided by The Grove Organization Change Model and includes sample agendas for key meetings.
Coaching services are available to support you in using The Grove’s Visual Planning Systems. We also offer public training workshops and customized, in-house training workshops to build your skills at working visually. Call or email us for information on Visual Planning Systems Training or Coaching Services.