Creating a team and sustaining its performance feels more like taking a journey than building a machine. To work together, just as in a real journey, your team needs a common map to the territory.

The popular Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model™ provides team leaders and members with a clear framework for developing teams, building leadership skills and implementing practices that create successful teams, creating a springboard for high performance. It also allows teams to identify and address blocks to achieving high performance.

The Model is the foundation of the Drexler/Sibbet/Forrester Team Performance System, a widely used suite of tools for creating and sustaining team performance. Developed by Allan Drexler, Russ Forrester and the founder of The Grove Consultants International, David Sibbet, components of the System include, in addition to the Model, the Team Performance Indicator, Team Leader Guide and a host of support materials and guides.

Forrester/Drexler Team Performance Indicator

A Self-Scoring Assessment based on the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model™!

The Team Performance Indicator is our popular self-scoring questionnaire, which provides a fantastic way to assess how your team is doing in regard to each of the seven stages of the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model and gives an opportunity to consider whether and how the team wants to change.

The Indicator consists of 21 items that define some critical aspect of team performance such as “Our team goals” or “The results we produce.” The individual results of the indicator provide valuable information to a team for gaining new insight on the similarities and differences each member has regarding the stages they are in and where there is convergence around the need to change. The indicator is also a catalyst in creating effective communication around issues blocking the team. As the issues become clear there is a call to action to eliminate the roadblocks getting in the team’s way.

When the assessments have been completed the team leader or consultant has a visual (and quantifiable) report on the current team view. This report becomes a baseline to check progress after a series of actions have been implemented to resolve issues.

Benefits of the Team Performance Indicator:

- Provide data for the team to diagnose it’s situation.

- Provide a vehicle to surface issues that might be getting in the way of progress.

- Gain insights on the similarities and differences in team members on team stages in order to make decisions on next steps or where to focus.

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Team Performance Overviews

The Team Performance Abstract and the Team Performance Model Overview are excellent ways to orient a team to the Model. The Team Performance Wall Poster can be used as a visual talking piece while you explain the stages of team development.

For an experiential learning of the Model, have the team use the Team Performance Puzzle to see if they can figure out the stages of team performance before they are introduced to the Model.

Resources for Teams

Team Leader Guide

Team Leader GuideBased on years of research and refinement using the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model™ (TPM), The Grove is proud to offer our popular Team Performance—Creating and Sustaining Results team leader guide. The new Team Leader Guide—Strategies and Practices contains a self-guided orientation to the roles and responsibilities of team leaders focused on getting results with their teams. Team Startup—Creating Gameplans for Success is an ideal manual for a team that wants to move toward its goals quickly and effectively. Team Performance—Creating and Sustaining Results is an excellent resource for a team leader or a team that wants over 100 field-tested team activities in one place. The Team Themes Card Deck can be used in a variety of ways to help a team examine its purpose, the competencies it has or needs and even its blind spots.

Starter Sets of Tools

The Team Start-Up Kit compiles a series of Graphic Guides and introductory material on the Team Performance Model to help a team decide on priorities, roles and key strategies. The Team Action Planning Kit and Comprehensive Team Performance Kit compiles all the tools a team would need to first understand the Team Performance Model and then create an action plan to move forward