Getting people to work together effectively is one of the biggest leadership challenges in today's organizations. Leaders have to know how to gain the active participation and committed support of team members who are often involved in other work that competes for their attention. Facilitation is the art of getting people to work together effectively.

Graphic Facilitation brings the power of pictures and visual thinking to the meeting room. Graphic facilitators use a whole "keyboard" of strategies (the Group Graphics® Keyboard) to make group process visible so that meeting participants can see what they have said, what they have agreed to and where they are going.

Our facilitation tools are packed with illustrated principles and best practices that leaders and managers can use with task teams, retreats, planning sessions, problem solving, process improvement and even radical change. Everything is integrated with consistent graphic language, intuitive process models and practical examples.

The Grove is proud to announce the creation of a definitive poster of Arthur M. Young’s Theory of Process. It includes a short biography of Young, a brief outline of the theory, and an illuminating graphic illustration of the Arc of Process and its application in several areas, including Team Performance and Organization Evolution.


The Grove offers a series of manuals and books that support Graphic Facilitation. We are developing a series of seven Facilitation manuals. The first, Principles of Facilitation, includes 40 basic principles, organized around the four flows of activity that a facilitator needs to manage any group process:

• The flow of attention and intention
• The flow of energy and motivation
• The flow of information and communication
• The flow of operations and decisions
Best Practices for Facilitation, the second in The Grove’s Facilitation Guide Series, is a user-friendly manual of 176 field-tested group practices keyed to the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance™ Model. It should prove invaluable to facilitators, managers, team leaders and consultants looking for facilitation alternatives including virtual team work, graphic templates, agenda design and group decision making.

Graphic Facilitation, the third book in The Grove's Facilitation Series, summarizes David Sibbet's 30 years of experience as a Graphic Facilitator. He presents a comprehensive guide to using interactive visual displays and mapping as an integral tool for guiding group process.

[Keep checking back for availability of the other 4 books in this facilitation series.]

The Fundamentals of Graphic Language Practice Book is perfect for the person wanting to unlock or enhance their graphic abilities. Pocket Pics is filled with over 100 hand-drawn icons representing difficult-to-draw concepts.

While there are unlimited uses for our products, we have bundled several into Kits that support specific group processes. Each Kit includes suggested Graphic Guides® (wall sized-templates) and supportive tools for working graphically.

The Project Kick-Off Kit uses a series of five Graphic Guides to launch a project so that all participants work together from the beginning.

The Project Debrief Kit uses four Graphic Guides to help a project team distill key learnings and identify guiding principles that can be implemented for its next project.