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Visual Planning

Here you'll find The Grove's award-winning Visual Planning Sytems™—toolsets that guide groups and individuals through processes of reflection, direction-setting and planning.

For organizations or teams, we recommend Strategic Visioning, a toolset that consists of our signature Graphic Guide® templates, associated learning materials and digital products. At the individual level, our Compass workbooks provide engaging visual systems for personal planning. If you are looking to better understand your customers, try LearningConnect® templates, developed by our partner, AhHa!
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Strategic Visioning

Strategic Visioning is the name of The Grove Visual Planning System (VPS) that focuses on strategic planning. It uses large visual templates, called Graphic Guides®, to create wall-sized, panoramic representations of an organization’s environment, current situation, vision of a desired future state and all the action plans and roadmaps needed to implement the strategic vision. These are combined with best strategy and facilitation practices to provide a productive process that involves all critical stakeholders.

This VPS is used when a team, division, or entire organization requires a new sense of direction, or needs to reach alignment on critical priorities during challenging times.

Personal Development

Whether you need help finding directing in your life or career, The Grove’s Compass tools can help.

Our flagship product, The Personal Compass, is a a visual-planning workbook that allows you to review your past, take stock of your present, and imagine and plan your future.

The Career Compass is a toolset for setting direction specifically in your career. It involves a thorough, research-oriented approach used by professional career counselors and complements resources and techniques proven to be effective by the career-counseling industry. It can be used with a career counselor or for do-it-yourself career planning.

Customer Research

LearningConnect® is a revolutionary approach to learning and qualitative research developed by the consulting firm AhHa!. The approach was inspired by The Grove’s Group Graphic® methods and our experience creating Visual Planning Systems™.

For group facilitators LearningConnect offers great new tools, including large graphic templates, for tapping the collective knowledge and wisdom of a group or team. For consumer research teams it provides a much more effective way of conducting consumer research than traditional focus groups. The graphic templates provide an easy way for engaging customers in storytelling, model development, idea evaluation and brainstorming.

Copyright Policy

The Grove’s models and templates are the intellectual property of The Grove Consultants International and are based on best practices drawn from more than thirty years of fieldwork. The Grove is committed to sharing its ideas, processes, and tools in order to foster collaboration, and while we strive to make these easily accessible, only authorized licensees may use our proprietary information and materials. Such licensees must acknowledge The Grove as their source by displaying a Grove copyright notice and may reproduce such proprietary information only with our express written permission.

Any unauthorized reproduction or use of our copyrighted material without The Grove’s express written permission is a violation of U.S. copyright law.

If you wish to use our copyrighted material, we are happy to assist you with a purchase or discussion of an appropriate licensing arrangement. Please call us at 1.800.49.GROVE or (415) 561-2500, or e-mail us at products@grove.com. We are happy to help you collaborate with us.

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